Administrative Department
assists and provides customer service of multiple admin functions.

Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department
provides intermediate level maintenance to enhance and sustain the combat readiness and mission capability of the embarked air wing, carrier strike group ships, and independent operating units.

Air Department
charged with the primary mission to safely launch and recover aircraft.

Combat Systems Department
responsible for the maintenance and operational reliability for air search, air traffic control, surface navigation radars, the ship’s internal and external telephone and radio communications, Global Positioning System and navigational sensor, control and display systems, a variety of secure and non –
secure network software and hardware that provide e-mail, Web and other services.

Command Religious Ministries Department
oversees religious ministry programs on board and provides personal counseling services for its Sailors.

Deck Department
the caretakers of the ship’s two 30-ton anchors and ship’s forecastle, which not only houses the anchors, but is also used for special ceremonies, religious services and large meetings.

Dental Department
provides quality dental care to 6,000 sailors onboard.

Engineering Department
provide technical expertise for the safe operation and maintenance of the ship’s machinery systems. Health Services Department –
provide quality medical care to nearly 6,000 Sailors onboard.

Intelligence Department
the focal point for all activity concerning how, where, and when the Strike Group takes the fight to our enemies and provides early warning of potential threats.

Legal Department
responsible for advising the chain of command on all legal matters including non-judicial punishments, administrative separations, personnel law, administrative law, investigations, ethics, and operational law.

Media Department
tells the aircraft carrier’s story to its crew, family members and the press.

Navigation Department
responsible for the safe navigation of the ship.

Operations Department
plan exercises and operations relating to the mission of the ship, carrier air wing, and task force.

Reactor Department
operate the ship’s two nuclear propulsion plants, providing steam for propulsion, catapult operations and electric power generation. Safety Department –
leads and oversees numerous command-wide operational safety and occupational health programs that enhance war –
fighting readiness through the prevention of injuries, deaths, material loss or damage.

Supply Department
logistic support and services for the aircraft carrier. From food services for up to 6,000 crew members, to procuring everything from fuel to toilet paper.

Training Department
responsible for executing a comprehensive shipboard training program to attain and sustain maximum combat readiness as well as the professional development of all hands.

Weapons Department
responsible for the security, stowage, breakout, issue and shipment of all conventional weapons and explosive devices onboard.