A multi-modal DoD transportation hub, the Navy Operated Air Mobility Command (AMC) Air Terminal in Norfolk is the Navy’s largest passenger and cargo aerial port. Nearly 100,000 passengers and more than 21,000 tons of cargo and mail transit the airport annually moving to destinations around the globe. While our primary mission is passenger and cargo movement in support of the Warfighter, as a result of the volume and variety of aircraft available there exists considerable space available (Space “A”) travel opportunities to diverse locations such as Spain, Italy, Greece, and Bahrain, as well as numerous states and cities throughout the United States.

Air terminal personnel. Helping you get to and from your destination safely and on schedule.

Our customer service goal is to provide you with the information you need to make informed transportation decisions. Whether you are traveling as a duty passenger, shipping cargo or looking for Space “A” opportunities, we are here to help. Once your transportation decisions are made, we will provide you the finest customer service available – from initial planning of your trip or shipment through to execution of your journey or movement of your cargo – we will help you make it happen. For additional information, contact one of our transportation professionals at:

Flight Information: 444-4148 or 444-4118
Duty Officer: 445-6556

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